Excess Volume Extreme Impact Mascara 



Excess Volume Extreme Impact

Indulge your lashes with the ultimate combination of a volumising base, then an intensifying lacquer. Take your lashes to excess.

STEP 1 - EXTREME VOLUME: A super-thickening formula includes wax, dark pigments and volumising spheres to create a high quality finish with an abundance of high impact volume.  This, combined with our biggest brush ensures maximum volume.

STEP 2 - INTENSIFYING LACQUER: The jet black lacquer finishing coat is thinner than the volumising base coat, allowing it to flow across the lash surface. Because of the volumised micro texture of the base layer, the finishing lacquer coats lashes from root to tip, meaning that you get an intensely black, glossy finish without removing or destroying the volume layer underneath. The gel-based formula further thickens & seals the lashes, instantly smoothing them and increasing the volume for a truly excess lash look that lasts.

How to apply:

  1. Use the volumising base end of the mascara on the lashes first.
  2. Starting at the root of the lashes, hold the wand horizontal and move the wand from side to side, root to tip coating every lash.
  3. Apply 3 coats to the upper and lower lashes without allowing the mascara to dry between coats.
  4. Whilst mascara is still tacky, apply 2 coats of the the intensifying lacquer end of the mascara to intensify and seal the look.
  5. To touch-up any mistake or smudging, dip a cotton bud in to an oil-based remove and gently dab on to area needed to remove.
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