Introducing Heat Doward 



The Heat Group acquired longstanding family-owned distribution company Doward International, marking the coming together of two powerhouses in Australian distribution. The acquisition has provided a strong platform for growth, and placed us in a better position to meet the service demands of Australian retail, particularly in the pharmacy industry.

As a combined force, Heat Doward sells an average of 20 units per minute - 1 product every 3 seconds. 

We are incredibly proud of our rich history – of our fantastic brands, our strong employee culture and an incredible customer community. We are very excited about what the future holds for our organisation.  

Our new brand portfolio covers 3 major pillars; Beauty, Healthy Living and Confectionary: 

Beauty: Billie Goat, Body Tools, Essence, Fleurique, Mason Pearson, Reflections, Remington, Ulta3, Windsor, Zo 

Healthy Living: Ammeltz, Breathcare, Byron Bay Candles, Clearwipe, E-Chamber, Chuckie’s, Go Travel. Mack’s, Media Manager, OZK.O, Hot Date, Rainmates, Wheat Bag, Hot Hands, Kool n Soothe, One Drop, Speedo. 

Confectionary: Anticols, Buderim Ginger, Buttermenthols, Cadbury, Chuppa Chups, Darrel Lea, Dollar Sweets, Double D, Duck Creek Macadamias, Eclipse Mints, Extra Gum, Fishermans Friend, Freddo Frog, Johnsons, Kelly’s Candy, Kinder Surprise, Kit Kat, Mars Bar, Mentos, Mrs Mays, Quickeze, Simpkins, Smarties, Snickers, Soothers, Throaties, Vivil, Werthers, plus others. 

Our brands can be found in national retailers including Priceline, Target, Woolworths, David Jones, Coles and BigW, as well as over 4000 pharmacies and health food stores nationally.

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